1. Voices


    with Nicola Kidner

    Nicky brings us more fascinating guests with interesting and wondrous stories. (repeat)

  2. Night Owl

    Music to keep your company throughout the small hours

  3. Las Vegas Legends

    Las Vegas Legends

    with Gary Williams

    Gary brings us more of the 'ol crooners and the mega shows from the fabulous Las Vegas. (repeat)

  4. Agenda


    with Martyn Lewis

    Martyn is joined by fascinating guests to talk about how modern life impacts us all.

  5. Good Morning UK with Rob & Susie

    Good Morning UK with Rob & Susie

    with Rob & Susie

    Join Rob & Susie for today's breakfast show bursting with fun and games, competing in Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, No Biz Show Biz and Rob's Sports Shorts!

  6. The David Hamilton Show

    The David Hamilton Show

    with David Hamilton

    David will tell you the story behind the song. At 11 it is the Coffee Break with two wonderfully relaxing songs. And a whole hour of 60s music from 1pm

  7. The Graham Dene Show

    The Graham Dene Show

    with Graham Dene

    Graham has some fantastic anniversary oldies, at 3:30 its Memory Lane time and if you'd like your song on the air email studio@thewirelessradio.com

  8. 20 Questions with...

    20 Questions with...

    with Rob Jones

    Another well-known name sits opposite Rob to answer our 20 probing questions.

  9. Showtunes


    with Julian Bird

    Julian Bird excites us with Showtunes, covering everything from Tim Rice's career and back catalogue, as well as shows from across the world.

  10. Downtown


    with Freda Cooper

    Join Freda as she plays great music to wind down to.

    On Air

On Air

  • Downtown

    Presented by Freda Cooper
    Join Freda as she plays great music to wind down to.


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