Diana Moran

Diana Moran

Diana Moran, The Green Goddess, finds the answers to your questions on We’ve Got Mail.

Diana is TV's original fitness guru - The Green Goddess on the BBC and an all round TV and radio personality with a career that has embraced success in many areas.

She was the first person to launch Breakfast TV in the UK, and her successful career as a fitness guru has spanned 4 decades.

She runs her own website, PrimeTimeLife.TV, as a community for men and women and has her own fitness video, EasiFit.

Diana is an extensive traveller, lecturing throughout the world on cruises, and her charity work and support spans over 50 years, playing a lead role in many major charities, especially those concerned with cancer and older people.

Versatility is Diana's forte; she was recently seen starring in the world-famous, record-breaking Calendar Girls. Diana has published 11 health-related books and has many videos and DVDs to her credit.


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