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  1. Ibrahim Abu Sharr on feeding the world

    Our guest for this Voice's interview is Palestinian born, Ibrahim, who invested his life's work in trying to feed the world. Through the UN's Department of Food and Agriculture, he worked on many proj

    First broadcast: September 2016

    Length: 19 minutes

  2. Lotte Moore on writing children's books and more

    Lotte is an author of lots of children's books and has now branched out into biographies and other literature. She talks about how life has changed and inspires us all with fulfilling our dreams.

    First broadcast: September 2016

    Length: 15 minutes

  3. Interview with Carol Robson

    Carol Robson is a performing spoken word poet and comedian. She loves life, sharing her messages through her craft and really loves performing in front of a crowd. She believes age shouldn't stop anyo

    First broadcast: July 2016

    Length: 14 minutes

  4. Florence and the £30k scam

    Florence was just doing what she thought was her civil duty, and following the requests of the police. But things were much darker than that.

    First broadcast: July 2016

    Length: 11 minutes

  5. Agenda with Martyn Lewis – 6th July 2017

    This week’s show takes a special focus on the British Society of Gerontology conference as Julie Banks talks to attending professionals about the topics being discussed at this year’s event.

    First broadcast: July 2016

    Length: 58 minutes

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