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  1. Brendan Gleeson with Paul Anderson

    Brendan Gleeson joins our favourite Film Guy, Paul Anderson, to discuss his career in acting, working with Colin Farrell and his new film Hampstead.

    First broadcast: June 2017

    Length: 9 minutes

  2. A positive experience of Care Homes

    Sandra Russell's mum is in a care home, she is enjoying life and Sandra says it's almost something she is looking forward to.

    First broadcast: June 2017

    Length: 6 minutes

  3. Lothian Birth Cohort

    Hundreds of people, who were all born in 1936 have to come together, in Edinburgh, for a very special reunion. They are all part of a leading research project on 'How Thinking Skills Change With Age'.

    First broadcast: June 2017

    Length: 22 minutes

  4. Age UK Sutton Wise and Well Event

    This year's Age UK Sutton Wise and Well Event was a great success with speakers from the police to digital experts. All sharing information on developing your life, and staying safe and well whilst do

    First broadcast: June 2017

    Length: 11 minutes

  5. Dr Bill Frankland

    We interviewed 105 year old, Dr Bill Frankland, on his life in medicine, allergies, and some of his famous clients over the years.

    First broadcast: May 2017

    Length: 11 minutes

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