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  1. Agenda - 25th July 2018

    Julie Banks sits in for Martyn this week. There's a special report from the BSG conference, plus a new book encouraging us to write our memoirs.

    First broadcast: July 2018

    Length: 52 minutes

  2. Lotte Moore, on her new book

    Lotte was one of the thousands of children evacuated during the second World War. And has written a book about her experiences. Her new book - Lotte's War - has also been picked up by a playwright. Lo

    First broadcast: March 2018

    Length: 15 minutes

  3. Musician Billy Dean

    American, Grammy award-winning musician Billy Dean, came into the studios to entertain us with his chat about his career, his idols, collaborations and bringing his family on tour.

    First broadcast: March 2018

    Length: 17 minutes

  4. Agenda special with Hazel Gaydon

    Special addition of Agenda, looking at changing our lives. Hazel who, having recently turned 70, is on a mission to discover whether it’s ever too late to make lifestyle changes to improve your health

    First broadcast: March 2018

    Length: 59 minutes

  5. Two Crooners and an Age Gap

    John Walton and Matthew Long are Two Crooners and an Age Gap. And are here to tell us about the their upcoming tour - Summer 2018.

    First broadcast: March 2018

    Length: 14 minutes

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