Recipes from our listeners

Our mouths are watering and our shopping lists are ready for inspiration... Pies, cakes, one-person dinners, savoury dishes or a special sauce, whatever it is, send your winning recipe to us. 

You can hear more recipes from Susie on air, so listen to The Wireless now for alternative recipes and inspiration. Here are some of your favourites, shared with us so far.


Simple Salmon, Nicky Leach

An easy dish for one or two people. Read this recipe


Coronation chicken

Susie’s Coronation chicken

A simple and versitle mixture for a quick snack or meal. Read this recipe

steak dinner

 Susie’s Pepper Steak & Parsley Potatoes

A perfect recipe for dinner on a special occasion. Read this recipe

mish mash fish

Susie’s Mish Mash Fish

A seriously tasty way to bake fish in the oven allowing a full flavour infusion. Read this recipe

chickpea masala

Susie's Chickpea & Cauliflower Masala

A tasty veggie dish, with a simple three step method. Read this recipe

chicken and asparagus

Susie’s Chicken & Asparagus

A delicious meal for one, that's tasty and simple. Read this recipe

King prawns

King prawns for one, Joe Hollister

A delicious meal for one, that's tasty and simple. Read this recipe

Creme Egg cupcakes

Creme Egg surprise cupcakes, Sara Vali

An easter inspired recipe, with creme eggs at the heart of it. Who could resist? Read this recipe


Mum’s brilliant bolognaise, Mark and Christine Norman

A classic in the Norman household, by all accounts. And a flexibility to tailor to your taste. Read this recipe

Toblerone cheesecake

Toblerone cheesecake, Nikki Royall

A very decadent desert with one of our favourite 'holiday' goodies at the heart of it. Read this recipe

key lime pie

Key lime pie, Richard Holland

A delicious desert for when someone deserves a treat. Who could resist? Read this recipe

chickpeas and pasta

Pasta with chick peas, Simon Finaldi

An easy dish to prepare, adaptable depending on how many your cooking for. Read this recipe

salmon in foil

Salmon stir fry, Adam Curley

A quick, healthy and tasty recipe with a touch of the Orient in it. Read this recipe

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