Gardening with Christine

Christine Walkden and Freda Cooper at Chelsea Flower Show

You can listen again to lots of Christine Walkden's handy tips on everything to do with the garden by clicking on the listen again links below.

We love it when Christine comes into the studio, it gets us all pumped up about what we are going to do in our own gardens. You can listen here to the expert advice she's shared with us, on keeping your garden in the best possible nick.

In the garden in January

The new year brings us questions about getting rid of Christmas trees and potentially frozen ground. Listen here to Christine's advice on January Gardening.

In the garden in December

It's a time to consider pruning in December. Listen to Christine's tips on getting rid of weeds, composting and ruhbarb. As well as preserving wildlife.

In the garden in November

Do you know what jobs need to be done in November? Incorporate compost into your soil turning? Getting rid of leaves? Or do you have a pond? Is it onion season? Christine's got the answers.

We hope you like the photo. It's Freda Cooper (Downtown, Saturdays and Sundays) and Christine at the Chelsea Flower Show.

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