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The Wireless presenters

Well, hello you!

We’re guessing you’re here because you’ve already discovered that what we play sounds a lot like the soundtrack of your life. So, here’s more about how we got to where we are today.

The Wireless story

A few years ago, there was a dream. We were missing a place full of good chat and stuff that you’d be interested in with people we could all relate to and music we enjoy and remember fondly. A bespoke jukebox, if you like, that would transport us through time to our youth, our romances, our heartbreaks, our holidays, our successes and beyond.

Now, here we are. It’s a reality - we launched The Wireless from Age UK, in association with the good folk at Age UK. The radio station is an opportunity to celebrate every day. It's bursting with beats (that we can’t stop our feet tapping to) and stories and information from people we love.

Our presenters, producers and guests are a family now. A family, like most, that don’t always agree with each other, but who all agree that the future involves growing every year and reaching more and more of you!

At The Wireless we always want to know more about what you, and how you, want the station to feel and sound. So please go to our feedback form and drop us a note.

The Wireless family has lots of members you might not hear aas much from, but are in the studio making magic every day through their technical, digital, production and scheduling skills!

George Gowling - Station Producer


George worked on The Wireless since it launched and has loved every moment. He's ultimately responsible for everything that goes out on air and works closely with the presenters to make sure we continue to bring you the best music and chat day and night. And day. And night...

Julie Banks - Senior Producer


Julie has been producing the ‘Agenda with Martyn Lewis’ programme since launch. She creates all the short features which broadcast during our daytime programmes. She regularly interviews experts, visits local Age UK activities and helps keeps our output interesting and engaging.

Toby - Chief Engineer


Toby runs the production studio at The Wireless and also co-produces shows like We’ve Got Mail, Silver Travel Show and The Holiday Show with Rob & Suzy. He's the wizard at our very complicated studio desks.

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